for Surf Equipment Hire

Cressey's Surf Academy is pleased to be able to offer Surfboard and Wetsuit hire at affordable prices, for those surfers who wish to test the waters themselves, or get in some extra practice before purchasing their own gear.

All our surfboards are soft top foam boards, specially designed for those learning to surf, from beginners through to intermediate level.

Wetsuits are available in a range of styles and sizes for both Men, Women and Children, and are suitable for use during Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons.

You can hire surfboards and wetsuits individually, or together, depending on your needs. Prices are based on a daily hire rate, and we are flexible in terms of times for collection and drop off - contact us to make specific arrangments.

If you are new to surfing it is recommended that you take at least one formal surfing lesson before hiring equipment to try on your own. This is to ensure your own safety as well as the safety of those around you, as waves and currents can get strong and waters and beaches very busy, especially in summer seasons.

If surfing on your own always ensure you are using a lifeguarded beach, and that there are other surfers in the water with you, or an adult friend is watching you from the beach to ensure your safety. Use your common sense and do not attempt to surf further out or in conditions that are above your skill level.

Cressey's Surf Academy is not liable for any accidents or damage you, others or the equipment may recieve whilst in your posession on an equipment hire agreement. Any unreasonable damage to boards or wetsuits will be charged for upon return. A deposit may be asked for.

***Don't forget to pick up one of our Loyalty Cards when you hire or surf with us for fantastic discounts for returning customers off equipment rentals and surf lessons!***

Prices Per Person Board Hire Wetsuit Hire Board and Wetsuit Hire
Prices for hire per day 10 pounds 10 pounds 15 pounds